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Welcome to the world of unique and exclusive fabric mural painting..... Kerala Mural Paintings are the frescos depicting mythology which are drawn on the walls of Temples, Churches, and Palaces in Kerala, display abounding treadition mostly dating back between 9th and 12th centuries.... These great art is being reproduced here on fabrics...Here is the place were culture and tradition meets modernity. These are the exact attire for any women who embrace her tradition and ethnicity.... “Wearable art in all magnificence”

Saturday, 11 January 2014


VCK 1 Rs. 600/-

VCK 2 600 Rs.

VCK 3 Rs.1000/- #

VCK 4 Rs. 600/-

VCK 5 Rs. 1000/- #

VCK 6 Rs. 600/- #

VCK 7 Rs. 600/-

VCK 8 Rs. 600/- #

VCK 9 Rs. 600/-

VCK 10 Rs. 500/-

VCK 10 Rs. 500/-

VCK 11 Rs. 500/-


  1. Hello,
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  2. Nice photos with different looks. Stylish trend that brings the maximum fashion standards for Childrens Wear.

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